Melanotan 2 Tanning injections

how to use melanotan 2 guide

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Melanotan 2 Tanning injections

how to use melanotan 2 guide

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The Melanotan Peptide : How to Tan Like a Star

Problem with tanning  is that getting a full body tan requires plenty of uv ray exposure, its well known fact that too much uv rays are bad for the skin and health. This is where mt2 peptide comes in and solves all the tanning problems.  

Tanning peptide is a type of peptide that stimulates production of melanin in the body.  Melanin production is your body's natural response to UV damage, its main purpose is darkening of the skin to protect it from being damaged.

How it works?

This peptide is a designed to highly stimulate the body's response to uv ray exposure, because melanin production is supercharged minimum sun exposure is required to gain maximum tanning effect. This is ideal solution for those with fair skin to get tanned without having to spend weeks in the sun and going through the burn and heal process. 

MT2 users experience much quicker tanning and faster healing of sun damaged skin cells. Because of this, melanotan it is especially suited to those who's skin is pale (skin type 1 & 2)   and are prone to burning in the sun.


Minimal UV Exposure: MT2 is not completely sunless tanner, it still requires exposure to sunlight to be effective, however it requires significantly less time to develop a tan than without the peptide.

Skin damage protection:  Tan by the nature is designed to protects skin from uv ray damage, tan developed with the help of melanotan provides deep pigmentation to protect all skin layers.

Lasting Tan: Even if peptide use is stopped entirely, a warm tan can last for months on end without exposure to the sun. By contrast, tan developed naturally fade very quickly in a matter of days depending on persons skin type. 



It should be noted that using melantoan is an ongoing therapy that will require a starting dosage and further maintenance after that until the users get to the skin tone that they desire. This can take some time to develop, but with a little patience and correct dosage, excellent results can be achieved.

MT-2 is sold and transported as 10mg freeze dried powder in sterile sealed, multi use vials. It requires reconstitution with sterile water before it can be used. This is done at home because after reconstitution vial has to be kept in fridge or will slowly start to degrade (become less effective).

Reconstituting tanning peptide is a part of the process required for use of the product and will require full attention to get proper results. 1 or 2ml sterile water is usually used, diluting with more water will improve dosing accuracy. Lovemelanotan peptide calculator is ideal tool for anyone just starting out and not sure how to reconstitute or dose the product properly.

Do not fall for the easier methods of using MT-2, injections is the only proper way of using this peptide. Many Internet suppliers will sell things like nasal sprays, pre-mixed peptide, oral pills and powders, they simply don't work, if they did no one would use injections, right? There are a some positive reports of nasal spray experience, however its not very cost effective as peptide molecules in this form are large and difficult to pass the nasal membrance, there is some effect, but its minor comparable to injection route where absorption rate is 100%. Similarly, pills of this type are also quite useless because enzymes within the stomach will render the peptide inert.


In order to fully measure the differences between fairer skin tones and darker ones, the Fitzpatrick skin type chrt organizes then into one of six categories, making it easy to identify those who are at greater risk for skin damage and make keeping track of tanning efforts easy.

How much product is needed to maintain the tan for season?

Depending on the user's skin type, amount of peptide for a full tanning season (3 months, typically), will vary. These are the most commonly advised requirements based upon skin type according to the Fitzpatrick Scale.

Skin tone maintenance for 3 months after the loading phase: 10mg = 1 vial

Fitzpatrick Skin Type



Very fair. Always burn, never tans.


Fair skin, always burns but occasionally tans.


Medium skin, sometimes burns, always tans.


Olive skin, rarely burns, always tans.


Modestly pigmented brown skin. Never burns.


Definite pigment, never burns, always tans.

Skin Type



30 to 50mg


20 to 30mg


10 to 20mg


Understanding Insulin Syringe:

Volume of insulin syringes is measured in IU (Internation Units)

100 IU = 1 ML

10 IU = 0.1 ML

Typically for reconstitution of 10mg peptide you will use 1ml (100iu on insulin syringe) of sterile water, which will give you ready to use liquid solution with concentration of 0.1ml (10iu) = 1mg. From this product concentration dosing is pretty straight forward.

10iu = 1mg

5iu = 0.5mg

3iu = 0.3mg and so on.


If you find mixing and dosing difficult to understand you are welcome to use Lovemelanotan dosage calculator and take time to read through Step by step user guide.


Actual injection can be done Subq or IM that is - subcutaneous or intramuscular. Injection site does not matter, there is no one site better than others so use one which is more comfortabe to reach, after injection product is absorbed into bloodstream and spread through the body evenly. Subq injection takes place by pinching the skin loose from the muscle and raising it so the needle can be inserted in the fat layer of skin.

Starting dose:

The first dosage should be fairly small, as little as 0.3mg in order to gauge the reaction of the user's body. With increased dose first time user will deel warming ensation, flush in face and mild nausea, if these side effects occure dosage can be taken before going to bed, so any unpleasant effects take place while user is asleep. With regular use these side effects disapper and product can be taken at any tome of the day.

Loading dose:

Loading is not absolutely necessary, it is only done to achieve results faster. Loading means taking doses more frequently to build up initial tan faster thus getting in tan maintenance mode sooner. Typical loading is done by taking 0.5mg once a day until desired skin tone is achieved. Loading dose can slightly vary from person to person, depending on skin type, bodyweight and other factors, but 0.5mg is pretty standard for most

Maintenance dose:

Maintenance doses are taken once the desired pigmentation has been reached and requires much less frequent dosing. Unfortunately, this is where too many variables come into play to give exact instructions. Skin type, bodyweight, metabolism regulating speed of skin fading, uv ray exposure, preferred tan level – all that makes impossible to give correct advice on maintenance dose. Everyone will find their own perfect dose and dosing frequency through some trial and error. To not leave you completely disinformed on this subject here is example of loading and maintenance which can be used as starting point where to adjust from:

Loading – 0.5mg a day with tanning session every 3rd day, desired skin tone achieved in 10 days.

Maintenance – 1mg once a week fallowed by tanning session.

Exposure to uv rays:

MT2 is not a completely sunless tanner. Users will still need some little uv ray exposure (whether from a tanning bed or actual sunlight) in order to build a tan. Without this exposure, the skin will not tan. Some people report being able to maintain their tan without sun exposure only by taking mt2 peptide, but this is arguable.

It should be noted that a tan can creep up unexpectedly. Tan generally sets in anytime up to 36h after exposure to UV rays, for this reason dosing should be done gradually and carefully.

Avoid Burning:

It is highly important to understand that MT2 itself does not protect skin from burning, tan protects your skin. Until some base tan is developed users should still take care not to over-expose skin to uv rays. Starting only with the amount of exposure that the user's skin can handle without burning. It should not take long before the user can handle longer exposures to strong sunlight without adverse effects.

Expectations and Management

Unfortunately, injection is the most efficient method of getting the peptides where they need to be in order to produce best results. Insulin needles are very thin and short, most users don’t feel anything during injection.

Skin Types:

A user knowing their skin type in relation to the Fitzpatrick scale is important because it will dictate dosing needs. It should be noted that those who will benefit the most from this product are those in the upper spectrum of the Fitzpatrick scale (Types 1, 2 and 3 especially). Skin type 1 and 2 users will typically take longer to see any results from this product, however once beautiful tan is obtained maintenance is easy.

Users with freckles will notice them getting darker as well as entire skin, this is not permanent effect and freckles will fade when tanning peptide is stopped and it is reported that overall effect of skin appearance improves since freckles on tanned skin stand out much less than on pale skin.

Skin pigmentation developed using tan peptides will typically last much longer than an ordinary tan, often for months after stopping exposure to sun rays, while natural tanners will lose their tans within a week or two during that same lack of sun.

Side Effects:

There is no long-term side effects ever reported, but there is post injection effects while using Melanotan 2, typically these effects appear during the first few days of dosing and will become increasingly less obvious as the body adjusts to the peptide. These effects include: hot flush in face, mild nausea, decreased appetite, and increased sex drive. In order to combat nausea, an anti-histamine product can be taken until the body gets used to it. But most common way to deal with this is to take the dose before bed.

Side effects increase with dosage, to avoid any unwanted post injection effects high end doses of around 1mg can be split into smaller doses like 2x0.5mg and taken with some time in between.


MT 1 and MT 2 are synthetic analogues of the alpha-melanocyte stimulating peptide hormone Alpha-MSH. This hormone aids skin cells to produce greater quantities of Melanin. Therefore MT-1 and MT-2 mimic this hormone and encourage the production of more Melanin. Melanin is a dark pigment in the skin that can provide some protection from the UV rays of the sun.

Alpha-MSH produces Melanin, along with other melanocortins, affects the following functions: skin pigmentation, general libido, appetite, physical arousal. MT II exclusively has been noted to have a positive effect on libido and physical arousal in both sexes.

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light prompts an increased release of Alpha-MSH, which in turn stimulates the production of melanin in the skin. The more melanin produced the greater pigmentation level becomes, making the skin progressively darker and tan lasts significantly longer. This makes Melanotan peptide unique, people do not require as much exposure to UV light to produce more melanin, very attractive for people wishing to develop greater tanning of the skin in fastest way possible.

How does MT-1 compare to MT-2? In terms of darkening the pigmentation of skin to enhance and individuals tan, both types have been proven to work in a number of clinical trials. However, the side effects using MT-2 are more common, but offsetting this is the fact that the darkening effect using MT-2 can be seen faster. It's important to note that the dosages for Melanotan-1and Melanotan-2 are different. For example, a sometimes recommended beginning dose of MT1 is 1mg, while a beginning dose of MT2 is often only 0.25mg.

Side effects: Nausea, fatigue, facial flushing, reaction at injection site, appetite suppression. The potential for side effects to occur increases with an increased dose of Melonotan, and decreases both with a lesser dose and with regular administration. The exception to this is physical signs of sexual arousal, namely male erection when using MT2. So it is important that users of MT II are aware of this before administering.

It bears understanding that this type of peptide is not a treatment or cure for anything, nor should it be considered a preventative measure to skin cancer. While this tanning peptide is known to protect the skin through the natural tanning process, it is not in and of itself a foolproof UV shield, however it is an excellent way for those who don't tan otherwise to get rich golden tans without as much exposure to the sun.

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